Too much media hype about N. Korea

What's happening in Korea at the moment

What’s happening in Korea at the moment

My family keeps worrying about me being in South Korea at the moment because of all the news about the North. I’m still wary of conflict and that would be a terrible thing, but I’m not too concerned about war breaking out. This kind of stuff has been going on for literally over half a century and this is just the latest version of the same old news here in Korea. So here are some articles and stuff about that topic (just click the pictures), but first a message from the US Embassy in Seoul:

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that despite current political tensions with North Korea there is no specific information to suggest there are imminent threats to U.S. citizens or facilities in the Republic of Korea (ROK). The Embassy has not changed its security posture and we have not recommended that U.S. citizens who reside in, or plan to visit, the Republic of Korea take special security precautions at this time. The U.S. Embassy takes as its highest priority the welfare of American citizens in Korea. Should the security situation change, the Embassy will issue updated information.

Don’t be afraid, Seoul’s message to tourists

Kim Jong-Un is hungry

Kim Jong-Un is hungry

TV and bus drivers

I’m glad my bus driver who is barely down the highway at about 80mph is busy channel surfing between weaving in and out of big rigs. :/ Maybe sitting in the front seat where I can see the near misses with sudden death. Suddenly remembered the story Ben-Gay told me about how he couldn’t sit in the front of the bus in China because of the anxiety he would feel seeing how many near accidents the busses would avoid.

With Straight Hair

So a few weeks a bunch of friends and I had an impromptu party at my place and the drunken consensus was to straighten my hair and mess with the other boys hair too.

Random Info About Alan

This will be mostly meaningless for everyone else, but it made me laugh hysterically. Alan and I have been messaging back and forth about couchsurfing in Japan, but apparently he is not receiving my messages…

hey man facebook aint working at the school that i’m in so i can only see the messages i send you but i can’t see your replys so i think i might just email you some things that you might not know about me!!

I have 4 siblings, 3 older sisters, Shirley, Paula and Nicola and an older brother Tommy

I was tommy’s best man at his wedding three years ago.

we don’t have any pets at home now coz a car hit our dog and killed it, its too sad to talk about.

I hate my class, the girls are alright but the boys are cunts!!

I used to wear an eye patch when i was younger not because i wanted to be a pirate but to improve my eyesight,

I once gave up masturabation for lent

I like fishing but i don’t like eating fish,

I never bought my own car

I need to wash my underwear

this is probably enough information for now

2ne1 (ft. Sungha Jung) – I Love You

I’ve written before (just skip the peppero day and weird Japanese hologram stuffs) that I love listening to Sungha Jung who is absolutely amazing on the guitar. Also I’m a huge fan of 2ne1 (at least part time…some of their new stuff is kind of crap). So I was really stoked to find that they made a compilation together with Sungha arranging the guitar. Check it out, it’s pretty badass.

I Love You – 2ne1 (ft. Sungha Jung)

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Kimchi-Making, Chopsticks ‘Behind Korean Archers’ Success’ – WTF?

It’s stuff like this that makes me want to facepalm.

The stellar performance on Korean female archers at the London Olympics has been credited to kimchi and the practice of using steel chopsticks. The Korean team won gold for the seventh straight time since the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

“Korean women excel at feel sports such as archery and golf because of heightened sensitivity and dexterity in their hands and fingers. This sensitivity supposedly developed generations ago through the traditional method of making the national dish kimchi,” Reuters said Tuesday.

“Another explanation for this increased dexterity lies in their traditional eating utensil — Korean chopsticks. While other Asian countries also use chopsticks, they tend to be longer, wooden implements, relatively easy to use. Korean chopsticks are made of slippery, slender steel and are incredibly difficult to master,” it added

Here is a link to the article on The Chosun Ilbo. I don’t know who wrote this, but I would love to see their sources if they even exist. WTF…




Tyler and Allie’s 1st Anniversary

This is super belated but here are a bunch of pics and a video of Tyler and Allie’s wedding anniversary. I know that normally anniversaries are more private affairs but keeping with themselves Tyler and Allie decided to defy convention and invite their friends along. It was a fun day of arcades, sushi, and noraebang…oh and of course keeping with the celebratory spirit plenty of drinking too. Hit the jump to see pics and video

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